USPS Provides Public Response to PRC on Customized Delivery


prc-badgeA  Chairman’s Request for Information was filed by the Postal Regulatory Committee (PRC) regarding the Customized Delivery market test. Customized Delivery provides services such as grocery delivery.

Originally the USPS had filed their response under seal. Today they publically filed the response after consultation with the Public Representative.

In the response, the USPS stated “The Postal Service is only requesting to extend the market test for one additional year, not expand into new markets at this time. The Postal Service will provide the Commission with appropriate notice before entering into any new markets. The markets in which the Postal Service currently operates and plans to operate over the next year are already served by dozens of providers, who operate in nearly a hundred individual metropolitan areas. The Postal Service does not believe its presence in these marketplaces will cause any market disruption.”

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