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Something's Always New at Fairrington

Fairrington Expands CoMAIL Capabilities

Co-mail Fairrington has expanded its Co-Mail capabilities to offer the industry’s most efficient, cost-effective pooled mail service. Place your mail in the pool and have 97% in home within 10 days, at 20% less cost than drop-ship. Choose from multiple pools each week. [Read More...]

Fairrington Introduces VisiMAIL™ – Tracking Tool

Logistics Services & Freight Tracking with Fairrington Fairrington Logistics announced today a partnership with GrayHair Software Inc. to introduce VisiMAIL, a custom web portal for mail movement for mail owners and mail service providers. Fairrington has designed the mail movement solution as a single report and web portal for customers to track every piece of mail as it moves through the delivery system.
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

the Fairrington fuel surcharge is: