Rails are Implementing Winter Action Plans Across Various Parts of the Northwest, Midwest and Northeast


Extreme cold temperatures across the Midwest and Northeast are expected. As a result, the BNSF and other rails are implementing winter action plans across various parts of the Northwest, Midwest and Northeast. Winter train length restrictions will be in effect across the BNSF northern lines through January 10.

Snowfall of 3-6 inches is expected across Montana as well as from northern and eastern North Dakota and northern Minnesota. Accumulations of 6-12 inches can be expected as rates approach 1.5” an hour later tonight from northeastern North Dakota into northwestern Minnesota. There are also snow alerts in the Albany, Chicago & Great Lakes subdivisions on the CSX, they are expecting 6-12” snow between Cleveland, OH and Buffalo, NY.

Not only do the low temperatures impact train length, but it will obviously impact rail crews ability to work outside.