PostalOne! Scheduled Maintenance – Release 39.0 Notification Reminder


PostalOne!® Release 39.0  Production Deployment  This release includes new business functionality,  it repairs known issues in PostalOne!® and also includes database maintenance activities. The deployment will occur on Sunday morning November 30,  2014 between Midnight 12:00AM CT and 9:00AM CT.  There will be an outage during the maintenance release, i.e. the application will not be available. There will be a mandatory Mail.dat® client download required. Release notes for PostalOne! Release 39.0 can be found on .  



PostalOne! Release 39.0  Deployment to Test Environment for Mailers (TEM)will occur also on Sunday, November 30, 2014, TEM will not be available between 12:00AM CT and  10:AM CT.  TEM validation will occur on Monday 12/1/14 between 5:00AM CT and 11:00AM CT.