Paula Stoskopf to Co-Lead Idealliance Postal Operations and Technologies Council (POTC)


Two leading industry experts take the helm of the Idealliance Postal Operations and Technologies Council (POTC) month. Paula Stoskopf, head of Postal Affairs for LSC Communications and Fairrington Transportation, and Steve Colella, Vice President for Postal Affairs with The Calmark Group, will co-chair the POTC for the next two years.

Paula brings to the council more than 18 years of expertise in product management and direct marketing. At LSC and Fairrington she ensures client and organizational readiness for new and changing regulations that impact the industry. “The POTC is valuable in that it drives the standards and technology the industry relies on to get the job done and effectively communicate with existing and prospective customers,” said Paula, noting that the POTC is unusual because it is technology focused and also includes every category in the mail supply chain, including mailers themselves who rely on technology for their in-house solutions.

In the coming year, Paula expects the roles of the USPS and industry partners will be more interwoven than ever before and the POTC will be useful in enhancing that partnership.

Steve has spent much of his professional career at The Calmark Group, where, among other duties, he is responsible for understanding postal rule changes and maintaining strong relationships with postal personnel—from the local office to headquarters—to ensure access to information when there are issues for Calmark clients.

Steve finds the POTC is a particularly productive setting for networking and discussion between Idealliance members and postal officials. “Other forums involve a lot of talking at us but the POTC is more of a discussion—and it’s a ‘no PowerPoint zone’ that encourages meaningful exchange,” he said.