News Sources Announce that More than 75 Million People Could be Impacted by Snow Storm


National news outlets are stating that more than 75 million people could Be impacted by snow storm.

The threat of a huge winter storm has prompted panic and preparations along the East Coast as the head of the National Weather Service said today that tens of millions of people could be effected.

In addition to those impacted by the snow, an additional seven million people could be impacted by ice and other dangerous conditions, NWS director Louis Uccellini said today.

“You put all the ingredients together, you can get a storm like this and it’s happening in real time,” he said.

Residents in at least a half-dozen states are being warned to keep their travel plans light and prepare for potentially damaging winter weather starting early this weekend.

Expected Snow Totals

New York: 5 – 10 inches

Philadelphia: 12 – 18 inches

Baltimore: 18 – 24 inches

Washington, DC: 18 – 24 inches

Raleigh: 1 – 4 inches

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