Move Update Census Based Assessments – New Date, April 2018


After January 2018, USPS will be changing the method for measuring Move Update compliance to a Census based approach.  The Census Method utilizes Mail Processing scans to determine compliance.  Results from the census verification method are displayed on the Electronic Verification tab of the Mailer Scorecard.  As a reminder, mailers have been encouraged to review their Move Update compliance since May 2017 after the reports were tested, validated, and declared ready for use by an Industry Task Team.

On Jan 9, 2018 USPS filed a proposed Federal Register Notice (FRN) to introduce the new Green & Secure Alternative Move Update Method. The Green and Secure alternative method aims to reduce the handling cost of undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail by minimizing volume of return-to-sender mail. For Mailers participating in Green & Secure Alternative Method, qualifying UAA mailpieces bearing an ACS Change Service Requested STID (First-Class Mail and USPS Marketing Mail) or a Secure Destruction STID (First-Class Mail only) will be displayed as warnings and not be included in the error threshold.

To allow the Industry additional time to respond to the proposed FRN and enroll in Green & Secure the USPS has delayed the Move Update Census assessments until April 2018.

Census based assessments will commence in April 2018, based on March data, for mailpieces determined to be over the established threshold for the calendar month.  Mailers are encouraged to review their results to ensure compliance with Move Update standards.