More than the 10-Year Review when Planning for the Future


A Wobbly Three-Legged Stool

On December 1, 2017, the Postal Regulatory Commission, PRC, announced their 10-Year Review proposal. But the conversation needs to go beyond their findings. There are several forces at work to take into consideration when planning.

This article takes a deeper dive into not only the PRC’s findings beyond our December 1 posting. It also provides a recap of the USPS Board of Governors situation as well as legislative considerations. While independent discussions, the movement in one area may impact the others or compound the effects. For example, if legislation was passed during the comment period, it is unknown if the PRC would change their findings or if we could have a situation that adds proposed increases by the PRC to a partial exigent postage increase through legislation.

For planning, the approved January 2018 rate increase is the certain item.

The rest, a bit of a wobbly stool… Download More than the 10-Year Review when Planning for the Future.