Keeping Up with Frequent Changes – Monthly Labeling List


In September, the USPS will transition to a new schedule for label list updates, from quarterly to monthly. This change was originally scheduled for July (published by USPS on June 1). With the recent delay of the PostalOne! release, the monthly Presort data updates was moved out. Monthly updates will not start until the September data set. This means that the July data set will be treated as a regularly quarterly update. There will not be an August data set. Note that the September data will be published on August 1.

The primary driver for USPS is to reduce the 75-day transition window. Having mail flow in two possible directions for 75 days has significant cost impacts because of the size and scope of network rationalization changes. A side benefit to the industry is to get the mail direction file updates onto a regular schedule (other than daily updates).

Additional Changes in October

Starting in October, the USPS will use the date of induction as the key date to determine the validity of the data. Induction date is the date when USPS takes control of the mailing. For mailers who are not drop shipping, the mailing date and induction date are the same day. For mailers who are drop shipping, the induction date is the day the mail is unloaded off of the truck at the Postal Service entry facility.

Managing the date of presort processing to actual induction will be critical to avoid postage adjustments. The USPS has indicated the entire mailing will not be assessed; rather only the impacted portion of the mailing will be assessed and at risk of losing dropship discounts or sortation discounts.

Keep a watch out for adjustments to this information…