How to Save Your Discounts by Keeping Score…


After a summer filled with sun and reviewing our Mailer Scorecard, I am preparing to speak at the Mailers Forum 2014 in Addison IL on September 10.

There are lots of great sessions to choose from. I’m involved in the three Scorecard sessions.

# 1 How to Save Your Discounts by Keeping Score… Full Service
Most mailers have implemented Full Service but do they truly know their level of compliance? In the near-term, the loss of the Full Service discount is at risk. Longer-term, the USPS has indicated they will continue to push to tie Automation discounts to Full Service. Understanding your compliance is the key to protecting your discounts and Full Service is becoming a gateway to new USPS initiatives and discounts. This session will focus on using the Mailers Scorecard to understand your compliance.

# 6 Beyond Full Service… Seamless and eInduction
This session will take the conversation to next step for the Mailer Scorecard with a focus on eInduction and Seamless Acceptance. The postal service is moving forward very quickly with these programs. Understanding the timelines and tools available are essential to prepare for the changes. The eInduction and Seamless Acceptance Mailers Scorecards were created by the Postal Service to provide customers with key information about their company’s mail quality. Drill reports are available to provide mailers with detailed information on mail preparation. Now is the time to get a handle on your quality.

# 9 Living The Score Card
This panel discussion pulls together view points from across the industry covering the best practices and challenges faced for statements, direct mail, catalogs and magazines. A Mail Owner in the financial sector, a mail service provider, a presort vendor and a consolidator lead this panel. The conversation will cover topics from how to get started to understanding how each participant of the supply chain may impact your quality score. Here’s your chance to dig into the day to day with those that have been living the scorecard. Bring your questions and join in this interactive discussion.

I’d love to hear where you are at with your scorecard review.