Flexible Warehouse and Logistic Solutions – Key Value for Leading Packaging Material Producers


A leading manufacturer of high-quality recycled materials and paper products selects Fairrington for their growing warehouse and transportation needs.

What value did Fairrington bring?

  • Flexible transportation, ability to pick up and deliver 24 hours a day
  • Warehouse accessibility, available 24 hours
  • Ability to bundle transportation and warehouse

Warehousing is not knew to Fairrington. It is part of Fairrington’s core solutions. Since 1981, logistics leader Fairrington Transportation has worked with clients to provide the warehouse space with flexible access hours they need as their business volumes cycle through peak times.

Strategically positioned in a major transportation and warehousing hub, Bolingbrook IL, Fairrington is a smart choice for businesses that need flexible space.

Fairrington’s secure warehouse storage with after hour access has an additional bonus, an extensive transportation network. Direct Truckload and LTL transportation solutions for inbound and outbound ensure reduced delivery costs.

For more information, call (630) 783-9200 or visit http://www.fairrington.com/contact-us/.