Fairrington’s Phillip Warren – Medical Mission to Haiti


On October 31st, Phillip Warren will be departing for a weeklong trip to Jacmel, located on the southern coast of Haiti.

During the week he will be assisting a team that will be gathering basic medical information from children served by Calvary Church in Jacmel and dispensing deworming medications. Virtually all children in Haiti suffer with pinworms due to the bacteria-laden water supply that exists all through the country.  By treating these children twice a year, the pinworms can be controlled providing the children the many benefits that result from having healthier bodies.

Phillip and the team will be covering their travel and expense but would like to ask your help in support of medications and additional supplies needed to support this ministry.

If you would like to financially help support in this great cause, make your check out to Haitian Support Ministries a 501c3 ministry. You can donate on line or send a check directly to Haitian Support Ministries, P.O. Box 97 Rolling Prairie, IN 46371.

Phillip is truly excited to have this opportunity to experience the reality of life for people in this “poorest of poor” countries…the United Nations classifies Haiti as a fourth world country!

Phillip can be contacted at PWarren@Fairrington.com for additional details.