West Coast Ports – Seattle is all but shut down


2014/11/13 Shippers are preparing for the worst as reports surface that the port of Seattle is all but shut down.

The ripple affect impacts rail and road.The International freight is causing delays in unloading much of the domestic rail freight.

There are reports of drivers walking off the jobs with little or no chassis available.

In a letter to President Omaha, labor unions and associations outline concerns.

Sources for more information:

American Journal of Transportation

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Press Telegram – In a letter to President Barack Obama, a coalition representing U.S. manufacturers, farmers, wholesalers, retailers, importers, exporters, and transportation and logistics providers urged the president to step in and stop ongoing interruptions at West Coast port terminal operations. “We believe immediate action is necessary, and the federal government’s use of all of its available options would be helpful in heading off a shutdown and keeping the parties at the negotiating table,” the letter said.  This includes employing the use of a federal mediator and exercising the authority granted under the Taft-Hartley Act should a strike or lockout occur.

Full Letter to President Obama:

Letter to White House 20141110081312