Fairrington VisiMAIL

At Fairrington, we’ve been providing world-class postal logistics services since 1981. Over that time, we’ve continued to develop and hone a toolbox full of services that have shown to consistently increase response rates and lower costs. We’ve also designed a state-of-the-art command center that employs the latest database, processing, and tracking technology, so your mail gets in the right hands at the right time, every time.*
The process may be complex, but the results are simple:

  • We hit narrow, time-coordinated delivery windows with industry-leading precision
  • We provide the greatest visibility throughout the entire delivery process
  • We provide better controls and greater efficiency
  • We respond to variance quickly and effectively, allowing you to manage the unexpected

At Fairrington, our dedicated team of professionals remains steadfastly committed to integrity, transparency, and reliability. That’s the recipe for Full Impact. Taste and see for yourself.

More than 70% of all marketing budgets go towards postage and distribution. With
that kind of outlay, you deserve to know just what you’re getting. Unfortunately, the
postal system is often a black box. Where is your mailing at this exact moment? Is it
on schedule? How many of your pieces made it to their destination? Exactly when? Who knows?!
But that all changes. Now. Introducing VisiMAIL: the new, state-of-the-art tracking system that gives you
unprecedented levels of control and real-time intelligence throughout the entire delivery process. Designed
specifically for letter size mail, VisiMAIL lets you trace each and every piece of your mailing – from initial drop
date to in-home delivery.
The benefits are multiple:

  • Better monitor your production inventory
  • Avoid costly expediting charges
  • Track your mail as it moves through critical pre-USPS checkpoints
  • See actual USPS processing at the piece level
  • Access live FAST appointment closeouts
  • Staff your call center or fulfillment operation based on real-time in-home data

Take the mystery out of your postal logistics. Gain access to important information as it unfolds. Achieve new
operational efficiencies. That’s the power of VisiMAIL. That’s the promise of Full Impact Logistics.