USPS to File Rates


The United States Postal Service has stated in more than one public meeting that they intend to file a price. Indications are that it will filed in the Fall of 2017 and be effective in early 2018 pending PRC approval.

According to PAEA, the USPS cannot file a rate change without a Board of Governors. In December 2016, The U.S. Postal Service oversight board is lost Representative James Bilbray of Nevada. The board was designed to have nine independent governors with each serving a nine-year term. To learn more about the BOG, see our December article.

According to the Postal Service, the price change was approved by Governor Bilbray prior to his departure. This addresses initial concerns that they did not have the authority to file. One has to wonder though that since volumes are below projections, is it prudent to use a change that was determined six months ago.