USPS System Issues – Impacting Mail.dat and Mail.XML


UPDATE – Friday 9:50 AM Eastern: The USPS released the following. It is expected that delays will be seen as the backlog is processed.

“The PostalOne! ®system is restored and fully functional.  In addition, other applications affected by this issue (CAPS, FAST, eVS) are available.  eDoc submitters should begin submitting their electronic mailing information immediately and Acceptance Units will begin processing mailings and the reconciliation process described in the PostalOne! Contingency plan.”

UPDATE – Friday 8:31 AM Eastern:   PostalOne! has been brought down in In an effort to expedite its restoral and address the issue impacting Mail.dat/Mail.xml processing.  There is no anticipated restoral time at present but one will be provided once determined.  This issue is also affecting systems and applications such as FAST, CAPs, and eVS.

The USPS’s PostalOne! team continues to troubleshoot processing issues (tracked by Ticket Number 982302).

Critical pieces affected:

  • All eInduction checks and verifications
  • Clients ability to upload their files to PostalOne! for postage payment

The USPS has been sending communications to the industry through Industry Alerts and PostalOne! user communications.

Industry has been instructed to follow their published contingency plan. According to Postal Headquarters, the DMU’s have been informed of the current situation and have been trained on the contingency plan. The DMU should be advising mailers on how to proceed.

According to an MTAC Workgroup call this morning:

  • An Oracle tool used for processing is causing the failure
  • Currently 3,000 jobs in the backlog – the system will “retry”, but they don’t know how many times it “retries”
  • There are 100 “failures” that will require the mailer to resubmit
  • They don’t know if they want mailers to continue to try to submit or not. The USPS will discuss and then will communicate direction to the industry.
  • eInduction impact (i.e. showing up as unpaid when dropped) – USPS representatives on the call had not fully thought through the process. They will communicate to the field and update the industry.
  • Mail.XML – no messages can go through, they don’t know though if these will time-out in a retry process
  • eVS was working at the time of the posting (12/17). It is now impacted with the downing of the system.

Some industry participants noted confusion by DMU. The USPS will communicate again to the DMU staff.

No timeframe for fix.