USPS Steps Up Efforts to Capture Mailer Arrival Times


At recent industry meetings, the Postal Service shared how they will begin to utilize functionality in their new scanners at Surface Visibility sites to capture actual arrival time by mailers for appointments.

The Postal Service plans to share the process with the industry as well as early reporting information. The early reporting information is planned for review at the Mailers Technical Advisory Committee’s (MTAC) January meeting.

Formalizing how this data will be shared with the industry is underway taking into account systems such as FAST and Informed Visibility.

Attached is a screen shot of what USPS employees will see on the new scanner. The Postal Service typically posts presentations on RIBBS – watch for the slides from the Operations team.

This data is valuable to both the Postal Service and the industry as we work to streamline processes and truly understand situations when issues arise. Fairrington provides tracing reports as well as VisiMAIL to pull together critical data points from drop date to in-home delivery. Fairrington will be monitoring the roll0ut of this valuable data by the Postal Service to understand how best to utilize it to drive improvements and visibility.

Capturing Yard Arrival