USPS Responds to PRC Information Request on Annual Compliance Report


In its Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Compliance Determination, issued on March 28, 2016, the Postal Regulatory Commission requested that additional information from the Postal Service regarding several matters. The Postal Service has responded

In the document, the Postal Service responds to the following areas.

  • Periodical Pricing Directive –This section discusses 5-Digit, Carrier Route, and FSS workshare discounts. A surprising statement in this section “Postal Service’s experience with the FSS is in its relative infancy, and the Postal Service is still learning about which operational flows will minimize the cost of FSS processing.” The FSS required a substantial investment by the Postal Service, has impacted the industry and has been in place several years.
  • Flats Costs and Service Issues – The Postal Service submitted a report for this section that covers issues from bundle breakage to scanning technology.

The response deserves careful review and will certainly reviewed in-depth by the industry over the next week.