USPS Proposes New Address Quality Measurement Process


The USPS published a proposed rule for a new Address Quality Measurement process Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb) mailings in a recent Federal Register.

The process would will be a census versus the use of sampling with a MERLIN machine.

Some outstanding details that need further clarification from the USPS’s include the implementation date, when threshold changes will occur, how the threshold will be determined, if the fees will be fixed like with the current MERLIN process (currently a $0.073 penalty per piece beyond the tolerance) or vary based on the expense incurred by the USPS to handle the pieces.

A good overview is available in a Direct Marketing News article by Al Urbanski. The USPS also provides additional details in the Mail Entry Roadmap.

For many Fairrington CoMAIL clients, this is not a concern. They stay on top of Address Quality and Move Update compliance by having Fairrington perform a data scrub just prior to mailing.