USPS Pricing – Planning for 2019


Postal Service leaders have publicly stated at association meetings that they are preparing a CPI based rate increase for early 2019. At this time there is no Board of Governors to approve a rate increase. However, the Postal Service is hopeful that the two candidates will be confirmed in time to file in October.

Over the last few years, the cycle of filing in October, based on August CPI, with a January implementation has become the typical timeline. As a point of reference, CPI in March was 2.051%, 2.073% in April and increased by .2% in May. Note that the rate authority is not necessarily applied as a flat charge across rate cells, instead some rates may be greater than CPI and others lower.

In addition to the anticipated CPI increase, there are factors to consider when planning for 2019. See the Fairrington Newsletter for a summary of the latest postal landscape.