USPS plans to file the proposed Move Update assessment approach next week


The USPS continues their efforts to move to a census based model to measure and assess Move Update.

In an MTAC Workgroup call it was stated that they plan to file a Federal Register notice next week.

There will be a 30 day comment period. No timeline for implementation was provided and it was stated that it would be based on regulatory approval.

Originally the USPS had stated it had to be part of a rate case filing and that we would not see it until January 2017.

The proposed threshold will go from the initially discussed .8% to .5% in the filing. What is unknown is that USPS stated Periodical will not included. If Periodicals are not included, we do not know yet if it will it be removed from the overall measurement quantity. The scorecard currently shows all mail classes and the % against that quantity. This means the % on the scorecard seen today may not be a representation at all of what mailers will be measured on.

Industry will see that the thresholds and some proposed rules have changed since initial conversations with industry. Below are some of the details shared.