USPS Mailer Scorecard and Assessment Update


The USPS continues to work on the quality of the data in the Mailer Scorecard.

EVP Pritha Mehra, USPS Vice President Mail Entry & Payment Technology recently shared the following targets.

Reliable data so industry testing can restart:

  • Full Service – November 15
  • Move update – November 15
  • Seamless – December 31
  • eInduction – November 15

At that point an industry test group will perform independent test. Fairrington is on the list of volunteer organization.

The USPS has circulated through MTAC a group of test scripts they created during the test process. Fairrington plans to go beyond the scripts to test a variety of scenarios and confirm accuracy of the data. It is anticipated other organizations on the test list will also go far beyond the scripts.

An updated target for assessment is now April 1, but subject to change based on the test process.