USPS Informed Delivery now Available across the Nation


The United States Postal Service has announced that they have completed the national rollout of Informed Delivery. Consumers in 31,000 ZIP Codes are now eligible for the feature.

“Informed Delivery makes it easy and convenient for consumers to know what they’re going to receive in their mailboxes before it arrives,” said Product Innovation VP Gary Reblin. “With this new feature, the Postal Service is continuing to bridge the divide between the digital and the physical.”

Informed Delivery users receive images of the outside of their household’s letter-sized mailpieces soon before they arrive in their physical mailboxes. These images can be viewed via email, or they can be accessed on an online dashboard.

The Postal Service is encouraging consumers to sign up at After signing up, users will begin receiving notifications within a few days.

From a marketer’s perspective, this may be a launch point where they can customize the image the receiver of the mail sees when they use the service. Functionality to allow the recipient to also click through to a website is also in the future. At this time, mailers to not have the option to opt out of images of their mail pieces being shared with the recipient.

One can be certain that smart marketers will be testing to see how this can best drive engagement and up their ROI.