Understanding the Challenges


2014/10/20 My name is Paula Stoskopf. As the Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, it is my role to help our organization and clients prepare for upcoming changes.

I’ll admit; I’m new to the world of consolidation and logistic.

With over 15 years of working at software companies managing solutions for the Print and Mail industry, keeping up postal changes from the USPS is something I can easily grasp. Well, most of them that is.

Learning the other aspects of the Print and Mail Industry beyond address quality, presort software and tracking solutions has been fascinating.

There are many factors from weather, new regulations to shifts in how we as a nation purchase goods that lead to challenges such as congestion at major ports, a damaged rail infrastructure to driver shortages.

Over the next postings, I will share some of the resources I’ve been using to keep current up to speed on keeping the mail moving.

As winter approaches… we will be using this site to also share news on the ongoing challenges and the pending winter storms. Paula Stamp