The Next Big Snowstorm


Al Roker and Domenica Davis forecasts the big storm to make landfall next week.

Five years after the Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011 hammered much of the Plains and Midwest, another winter storm may target the central United States to start February 2016. This time around, the areas with the greatest potential for seeing snow will likely be north and west of the heaviest axis of snow in the 2011 snowstorm.

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A southward plunge in the jet stream this weekend is expected to trigger the development of low pressure east of the Rockies by early next week. With the low-pressure system forecast to rapidly intensify, wrapping moisture into cold air to its north, a swath of heavy snow and strong winds is forecast to develop north and northwest of the track of the surface low.

At this point, parts of the central and southern Rockies, central to northern Plains, Upper Midwest and northern Great Lakes have the greatest probability to see significant snow from this system.

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Below we discuss the potential setup in more detail.