Targeted In Home Window? Not a problem with Co-Pal


Fairrington’s 3 day window co-palletization pools are the answer to targeted delivery and postage savings.Copal Picture

With postage accounting for more than 70 percent of many marketing budgets, it is imperative that every name count. But targeted versioning has diluted postal presort by creating multiple mail streams.

Fairrington offers a fully automated co-palletization service that helps customers capitalize on postal discounts for mailings too small to complete a pallet.

By sorting trays and sharing pallet space with other mailers, enough combined volume is created to exceed the USPS minimum. These full pallets can then enter the post office through its destination sectional center facilities (SCF). By entering your mail at an SCF you are eligible for several mailing advantages.

Fairrington’s co-palletization brings these versions back together to achieve entry discounts.

Those with highly targeted delivery targeted windows may think that co-palletization is not a solution, but it is a viable answer to targeted delivery. Fairrington offers 3 day window pools to add the predictability you need.

For more information on how Co-Palletization may benefit you, call us at (630) 783-9200.