Seamless Acceptance Status (MTAC Update)


The USPS stated at the August Mailers’ Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC), that onboarding of mailers into Seamless Acceptance is still on hold.

Seamless Acceptance leverages electronic documentation and Intelligent Mail barcodes on mailpieces, trays and sacks, and containers to automate acceptance and verification processes. Mailpiece scans collected from mail processing equipment (MPE) and hand held scanning devices are reconciled to the mailer electronic documentation (eDoc) to confirm proper mail preparation for the discounts claimed and postage paid.

The reason for the continued hold is because automated invoicing is still stabilizing. Manual assessment is labor intensive. The USPS hopes to have the automated invoices used for Seamless Acceptance stabilized by the end of August.

The moratorium on Seamless Acceptance will not be lifted until at least the end of October.

Seamless Parallel remains active so mailers can continue to review their mail quality and prepare for Seamless Acceptance.

USPS provided notes from MTAC are available at