Recap of USPS Harvey Update


The USPS Harvey update was led by Robert Citron Leads, USPS Vice President of Network Operations.

Focus is first on safety of employees.

It is a changing situation and the audience was advised to continue to watch the alerts. To date, the USPS has issued 35 Industry Alerts.

Other key highlights:

  • Mail Delivery: Some started yesterday, still many areas are not accessible
  • Employees: About 75% of employees came back to the larger area
  • North Houston: Beginning to ramp backup – still a primary area of focus and many employees not able to return
  • Fuel shortages: Impacting entire area, including the USPS
  • Corpus Christi P&DC: Normal processing
  • Beaumont P&DC: Currently down
  • Remittances Mail: USPS has been in contact with all remittance mailers, operations are being moved to Dallas
  • Change of Address: Under contingency plan, expect it to climb over the next weeks They have modified the website for COA so no credit card is required and USPS personnel will be able to change on behalf of residents
  • Mail Transport Equipment: Instructions provided for damaged sacks, tray sleeves and other Mail Transport Equipment
  • Suppress ZIP Codes: No ZIP Codes are currently required to be suppressed
  • Mail Pickup: Alternate pickup locations are being identified and posted

Below are slides from the event. The USPS will post the session and slides on PostalPro, under Industry Outreach.

We will make every effort to minimize delays wherever possible. Please note that at this time, we are holding mail for those affected areas at the origin or our consolidation facilities in order to protect and safeguard your product.

If you have any questions, please contact your client service representative or sales manager.