Real Mail Notification (MTAC Update)


Gary Reblin, USPS vice president of New Products and Innovation provided an update on the Real Mail Notification Pilot it has been conducting.

Real Mail Notification sends an image of the mail piece that are headed to the mail box to the recipient of the mail. At this time, it is a black and white image. The USPS has discussed plans to allow mailers the ability to swap out the black and with image with an image of their choosing as well as imbed links into the image to drive traffic to a particular website.

The next marketing for testing is targeted to New York city this fall.

At this time, the USPS has stated they do not plan to charge a fee for the black and white image.

Items industry has requested are things such as opting out and more clarification on future price impacts.

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USPS provided notes from MTAC are available at