Profile of a Leader – SG360° Mary Lee Schneider


maryPrinting Impressions recently published a profile of Mary Lee Schneider, CEO of SG360°.

Several sentiments hit a note with me as they aligned with my core values; the customer’s opinion matters, approach work with passion and use technology to solve problems. Values I’ve looked for in employers (reason I chose to work at Fairrington) and business partners.

It is worth a read – here is one of my favorite quotes.

“Ultimately, customers judge whether we’re doing well or not,” she concludes. “It’s a huge source of pride that our customers trust us with their work year after year after year. In the direct mail business, there generally aren’t many [long-term] contracts. So you’re only as good as the last campaign or job you produced. We continue to get those opportunities because we can deliver. And we’re very proud of that fact.” PI

Paula Stoskopf