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About Fairrington

Founded in 1981, Fairrington is the largest, full-service, printer-independent mailing logistics provider in the US. The company was built on visionary entrepreneurial leadership, values of integrity and excellence, and a commitment to develop and equip its people to provide extraordinary service. That DNA guides us to this day, driving our team of seasoned professionals to continually improve and innovate industry-leading solutions.

Behind the power and promise of Full Impact Logistics, Fairrington offers a complete range of service solutions. The benefits are significant: improved response rates, tight-window delivery, increased efficiency and transparency throughout the logistics process. Our goal is simple: to help our customers conquer time, thereby becoming the world-class provider of delivery solutions that move today’s business.


Be a world class provider of delivery solutions that move the world by conquering time.


Achieve World Class status by:

  • Developing our leadership acumen
  • Fostering a culture of continuous improvement
  • Expanding our footprint and innovating leading solutions
  • Cultivating healthy partnerships by delivering extraordinary service

Professional Associations

Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers                                               American Catalog Mailers Association

Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers                                                acma


 The Association of Magazine Media                                  Association for Postal Commerce

mpa                                                  postcom


Direct Marketing Association                                                Epicomm

dma                                              epicomm

Greater Dallas Postal Customer Council                            IDEAlliance

pcc                                   idealliance

Mailers Tech Advisory Committee                                      National Association of Presort Mailers

mailtech                                                napm

Professional Insurance Marketing Association                 Postal Customer Council

pima                                                Fairrington Professional Associations

Printing Industry Midwest                                                    Women in Logistics and Delivery

pim                                                WILDS