OIG Releases Report on PostalOne! and Business Customer Support System


usps-oig-logo_0The Office of the Inspector General for the United States Postal Service released a report on system availability for PostalOne!-Business Customer Support system.

The report notes that “Nearly 584,000 business mailers and business mail acceptance employees use the U.S. Postal Service’s PostalOne!-Business Customer Support System (PostalOne!-BCSS) to enter postage statements, deposits, and other financial transactions needed to process and manage business mail.”

The OIG report included the following:

  • Management is not effectively supporting and managing PostalOne!-BCSS availability and needs to improve the process for notifying all users of PostalOne!-BCSS outages.
  • PostalOne!-BCSS did not consistently meet its daily 99.95 percent availability goal during FY 2015. 22 reported instances where the daily average availability percentage ranged from 76.03 to 99.92 percent.
  • Reviewed 61 of the 252 FY 2015 CIO scorecards that reflected 100 percent availability, and determined the reported availability percentages would have been significantly lower if the blackout maintenance hours were included in the calculations.
  • PostalOne!-BCSS downtime affects the movement of mail, which could result in deferred or lost revenue.

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