May Rates are Official


2015/05/07 PRC has approved the rates. USPS plans to move forward with the May 31 implementation date.

Typically vendors and the industry have had more than 30 days to implement, test and prepare. With the tight timeframe for implementation and open questions, many are concerned.

  • The USPS Mail Direction File has open issues that must be addressed to fully support Flats Sequencing System (FSS) preparation. These must be addressed so preserve discounts.
  • The USPS has not clarified the process to use for mail that has been prepared using existing software and rules that will be dropped after May 31.
  • The USPS has not communicated the grace period for entering mail into the system that has been verified and paid for on or before May 31 and is being delivered to the USPS after May 31. In the past, this has typically been two weeks.

Rule: All Notifications

R2015-4 PRC-LR-R2015-4/9 – Compliance Calculations for Standard Mail



R2015-4 Order No. 2472 – Order on Revised Price Adjustments for Standard Mail, Periodicals, and Package Services Products and Related Mail Classification Changes



R2015-4 Notice of Filing of Library References PRC-LR-R2015-4/9 through PRC-LR-R2015-4/11