Mail Consolidation

Fairrington has full-service and cost-effective national mail consolidation services, as well as customized drop ship options from any location in the U.S.

As a prominent logistics partner to the USPS, we handle massive volumes of mail,  enabling us to participate in work-share discounts and consolidation strategies that our mailers, of all sizes benefit from.

This national network, built on consistent schedules, benefits non-mail freight as well by providing a cost effective service.pointing-woman-2

Mail Consolidation - 8000 Pallets Daily
Fairrington consolidation centers process over 8,000 pallets daily (this volume represents over 12% of the total USPS Standard and Periodical volume, the largest for any printer-independent consolidator).

On Time Consolidated Shipping
 Consolidation also affords target-controlled delivery windows, which can significantly improve response rates.

We serve all USPS destinations with an on-time rating of over 97 percent. We also have expedited services that provide one-, two- and three-day delivery.

Customers enjoy improved response rates and a more target-controlled delivery.

For more information on Mail Consolidation contact us at:

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