It’s not just about the roadways for logistics – Port congestion puts the squeeze on the supply chain


2014/11/03 The transportation network capacity is impacted by more than just weather or the number of drivers and trailers.

Port congestion is playing a key role in available capacity.

The congestion not only has those that need goods moved frustrated, truckers and shippers have increasing their complaints from the Los Angeles to New York.

A recent article, Truckers, shippers protest demurrage at clogged US ports, outlines some of the primary concerns at the busiest US ports.

In a speech, Commissioner William Doyle said the issue “is surfacing more and more.” “I have heard numerous examples of shippers who are ready, willing and able to pick up their containers but through no fault of their own are precluded from getting their boxes. As a result, they have to pay a fine for the storage days on the terminal,”

The congestion is causing truckers to struggle to maintain service and retain drives under federal drivers’ hours-of-service restrictions.

What does this mean for those that need to move mail, products and supplies? It will lead to a continued squeeze on the supply chain leading to increased costs and potential delays.

Early planning with your logistics providers to align expectations and create contingency plans is the best way to loosen the squeeze.