Idealliance has published their 2017 Mail Industry Survey Report


Idealliance has published their 2017 Mail Industry Survey Report.

The report includes data on utilization, performance, functionality, accuracy, and ease of use for 22 different postal systems and programs, satisfaction with the USPS on seven functions in mail and shipment processing, and satisfaction with critical U.S. Postal Service systems and business areas.

“The vast and complex supply chain stretching from paper production to the moment the mailpiece is delivered represents a graphic communications industry that translates into $1.4 trillion annual GDP, 7.5 million jobs, and contributes annual revenues of $154 billion to the U.S. Postal Service,” says Idealliance President and Chief Executive Officer David Steinhardt.

Among numerous open-ended responses from participants that emphasized the desire to enhance communication between the USPS and industry and work more closely with the Postal Service in developing programs and policies were the following:

  • “USPS management and decision-makers would benefit from spending time in mailing industry supply chain shoes to truly understand our businesses and the role the USPS plays as part of our value stream in order to better strengthen the partnership opportunities between the supply chain and USPS for growth and greater efficiencies.”
  • “Talk with and listen to competent mail service providers and mail owners before implementing new rules and regulations.”
  • “Talk to us. Get to know the issues we are having and help support us.”