For 46 years, retiring Marysville postman delivered more than mail


Nice story… hope everyone remembered to thank their Postal Carrier this season.

It’s a small price to pay, though, for a lifetime of joy. Hour upon hour, pretty much six days a week, while more often than not battling conditions that would send most ordinary folks running for cover, Burson has been doing exactly what he wanted for as long as he wanted and helping the people he cared about the most. A man can’t beat that when it comes to a career, he said.

But now Burson must eventually talk about how it is over. He blushes when others gush about how wonderful he is. He rubs his hands over his gray-whiskered face and shakes his head when people say he is the best. He turns away when customers along his route say that no one else could ever measure up.

A man of few words, he responds simply, “I am blessed.”