Fairrington’s Paula Stoskopf Published in Mailing Systems Technology


“Do You Know What Address Quality Costs… REALLY?” written by Paula Stoskopf has been featured in the Jan – Feb 2016 issue of Mailing Systems Technology.

Growing up, when you asked you parents for money, they probably asked you how it was going to be used, but they had little to no expectation of getting it back, let alone, getting the money back with an additional return on their spend.

Your boss on the other hand, wants to know how the money will be used and how quickly a return will be recognized on the investment.
You could make a guess on the return. However, this approach will most likely result in disappointing results.

As a mailer you may be thinking, “Our list or database is pretty good, we think”. Or as a service provider, you may be thinking, “We offer the basics or meet mailing requirements, so that’s good enough”. But, is it good enough? If that was the case, would the cost of Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) mail still be a headache to the United Stated Postal Service?

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