Fairrington’s VisiMAIL combines our pre-mailing scan data with USPS tracking information to give you the information you need throughout the entire delivery process.

VisiMAIL provides a complete visibility of the mailing investment – from the minute it arrives to Fairrington until it reaches in-home status at your destination.visimail

More than 70 percent of all marketing budgets go toward postage and distribution. With that kind of outlay, you deserve to know just what you’re getting.

With VisiMAIL, you can take advantage of:

  • Tracking your mail as it moves through critical pre-USPS checkpoints
  • Monitoring USPS processing at the piece level
  • Accessing USPS’ FAST® (Facility Access and Shipment Tracking) appointment closeouts

Instead of waiting and wondering where your mailing is, if it’s on schedule, or how many of your pieces made it on time to their destination, now you can have accurate supply chain data to help you staff your call center or fulfillment operation. Take the mystery out of your postal logistics and gain access to important mailstream information — as it unfolds — with VisiMAIL.

For more information on how VisiMAIL may benefit you, call us or contact us at:

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