Exigent Story Continues… More details


With the appeals court already having weighed in on the subject, it is not clear exactly what the Postal Service hopes to gain from once again bringing the case before it. A USPS spokesman declined to comment on the petition, but some of the agency’s biggest customers have some ideas of their own.

Steven Kearney, executive director of the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, called USPS’ petition unfortunate “but not surprising.”

“Many expected this move, not because the USPS is likely to have strong legal grounds to overturn a very well done PRC decision, but more for political reasons to support action in Congress that would overrule both the regulator and the U.S. Court of Appeals by making the surcharge permanent,” Kearney wrote in a message to members.

Kearney said the Postal Service’s latest stalling tactic could draw out the legal process for months, continuing the ongoing uncertainty for large-scale mailers.