Delayed delivery?


In January the USPS announced a change to a “24 hour clock” processing.  It was anticipated that First Class mail would be the greatest impacted. For Standard Mail, it was expected that “early” delivery according to USPS service standards would be reduced.

Towards the end of last week, some Standard Class mailers started to report delays in delivery. I was on an NAPM call and an IDEAlliance meeting at the end of the week where delays started to be discussed. For some of these scenarios, the delivery was still within the USPS service standards, but was different than what mailers had received in the past. Other examples seemed to fall outside of the standards or the result of the MLK holiday.

NAPM, IDEAlliance and PostCom are working with mailers that have been impacted to gather information to present to the USPS. Again, if there is someone with data to share, feel free contact me.

  Paula StoskopfPaula Stoskopf

  Marketing and Industry Relations