Co-Palletization (CoPAL)

copalFairrington offers a fully automated co-palletization (CoPAL) service that helps customers capitalize on postal discounts. Mailings that are too small to complete a pallet, or mailings that produce small, inefficient pallets can be combined to maximize efficiency. By sorting trays and sharing pallet space with other mailers, we ensure that combined volume exceeds the USPS minimum requirements.

CoPAL is a smart, well-orchestrated process that affords mailers efficiencies and greater discounts by combining trays of mail on to shared space.

  • Fairrington takes addressed and sorted trays of mail into the CoPAL process.
  • The mail trays are then combined on pallets with other trays of direct mail.
  • The resulting CoPAL pallets are entered at Destination Sectional Center Facilities (SCF) – which makes them eligible for deep postal discounts.

Targeted versioning has diluted postal presort by creating multiple mail streams. Fairrington’s CoPAL brings these versions back together to allow drop shipping at a high SCF penetration. Our CoPAL pools are sorted at a 98 percent SCF penetration.

Clients with highly targeted delivery windows will find that CoPAL is a viable answer to control delivery dates. Fairrington offers 3-day window pools to add the predictability you need.

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