Fairrington CoMAIL combines flat mail volumes from multiple individual businesses to create economies-of-scale, thereby building greater presort density that saves on postage, even with smaller mailings. Plus, when you place your mail in a CoMAIL pool, 97 percent of your mail will be in-home within ten days.

CoMAIL offers many overall benefitscomail

• Higher carrier route and FSS (Flat Sequencing System) penetration.
• Overall lower postal costs
• Reduced pallet handling for small presorts
• Less postal handing often means mailings arrive in better condition

Solid return on your investment

• Move beyond typical DNDC and Drop Shipment discounts and achieve deeper DSCF level presort postal discounts.
• If you currently qualify for DSCF postal discounts, achieve even more savings through Carrier Route or FSS presort discounts.

CoMAIL. That’s the promise of Full Impact Logistics.

Meet Full Service IMb Requirements

CoMAIL meets the United States Postal Service® (USPS) Full Service IMb® requirements!
Through the CoMAIL process, we’ll help you meet the USPS’ Full Service IMb requirements for additional savings
and comply with USPS incentive and promotion requirements.

For more information on how CoMAIL may benefit you, call us or contact us at:

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