Arctic Air Continues – No reported Fairrington weather related delays


2014/11/12 While the potent blast of arctic air is plunging into the nation’s mid-section and south this week, sending temperatures crashing to values you might expect in mid-winter, Fairrington does not have reported weather related delays. reports that “Subzero temperatures are possible in parts of eight states at various times over the next seven days, as this polar invasion takes a large chunk of the nation into its grip. The leading edge of the cold blast plunged through the Plains and Midwest Monday and Tuesday. In some places, temperatures fell 20 to 30 degrees in less than one hour.”

This morning I woke up knowing that my friends in Alaska had warmer weather than I did in the Midwest.

We will all be keeping an eye on the weather as a repeat polar vortex is predicted for this winter know that a weather event in one region can impact the entire supply chain.