And then there was one… Bilbray is the last remaining Board of Governors


james-bilbray-largeThe U.S. Postal Service oversight board is now down to one single presidential appointee. Former Representative James Bilbray of Nevada is the last appointed member of the Board of Governors. The board was designed to have nine independent governors with each serving a nine-year term.

Bilbray’s term expires in December 2016.

Why only one? President Obama has sent five nominees to the Senate for confirmation. Each has been blocked by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.  According to the Las Vegas Review – Journal Washington Bureau, Bilbray said the “holds” won’t be lifted by Sanders until the Postal Service agrees to reopen mail processing centers that were closed a few years ago as a cost-saving measure.

How does it function without a quorum? A Temporary Emergency Committee was established in the event that the board lacked a formal quorum. It is currently comprised of Postmaster General Megan Brennan, Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman and Representative James Bilbray.

What’s next? It is unknown if or when the Senate will approve an appointee. One has not been confirmed since 2010.