Analytics and Processing

Fairrington’s mailing strategies offers a full range of data processing solutions to help you balance targeted delivery with postage and transportation costs.

Data Process

When you need extra bandwidth, leverage Fairrington’s expertise and tools for mail list processing.

Fairrington has in place the tools to provide address quality that meets mailing requirements. We can detect and merge or suppress duplicjate records based on your business rules.  Presorting will order the list to meet postal requirements to achieve postage discounts as well as provide the data points on output you need to prepare the mail.

  • Address quality utilizing CASS certified solution
  • NCOALink to keep up with moving clients
  • Duplicate detection with ability to merge or suppress records
  • Presort Processinganalytics


Fairrington’s mailing strategies helps you balance your targeted delivery goals with postage and transportation costs. The mail delivery cost analytics process takes into account factors that impact overall delivery and the associated costs from processing, production to postage and delivery.

  • Direct entry
  • Co-palletization
  • CoMAIL
  • Or, a hybrid approach to services

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